We are a non-denominational Christian Church in Boise empowered by God's Word and the Holy Spirit.

To cultivate authentic relationships and engage culture in the marketplace for the Kingdom of God.


The name ‘marketplace’ may be new to many, but if you examine the scriptures, it is everywhere. The idea of ‘work’ has existed from the beginning. In Gen. 2: 15, God placed man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it.

The Hebrew word Avodah is translated as work, worship and service. The idea of our work as worship is not a new one. Bezalel (Ex. 31) was a master craftsman equipped by the Holy Spirit to make the articles used for worship in the Tabernacle. God, in Egypt and Babylon, used Joseph and Daniel as they worked faithfully in every job they were given. Old Testament prophets were often found in the marketplace calling Israel back to God. Jesus recruited his disciples from the marketplace – some were fishermen and one a tax collector. Most of Jesus’ miracles took place in the marketplace.
Paul, responsible for many of the books of the New Testament, set the best example of ministry in the marketplace. A tentmaker by trade, Paul tells us in Acts 17 that he reasoned with people in the Synagogue and in the Marketplace. Tent making gave him an entry into the marketplace in every city. Paul’s spirit was troubled by the worship of idols in Athens so he went everyday to reason with people in the marketplace. He was given a voice and an opportunity to present the Gospel to everyone.
The word for marketplace in Greek is Agora. Every city had one, a place where people got the news of the day. An agora had a Bhema or platform on which politicians, philosophers and others stood to speak. As merchandise changed hands, people got to know what was happening and connected with one another. No wonder it was the ideal place to announce the good news of the Gospel.
In 1 Cor. 11: 1, Paul says, “Follow my example as I follow Christ.” The multicultural and pluralistic setting of the 1st century is not unlike ours. It is in the marketplace that we find people who need the good news of the Gospel. We all have different skills and opportunities in the marketplace. We also have a life-changing message, which brings hope to those who accept it. 
We may gather as a church to worship God on Sundays but during the rest of the week we minister in the marketplace. We believe that each of us is uniquely gifted to engage our culture through authentic relationships. Whatever our area of work is - business, travel, medicine, education, arts, science or any other arena, we have the opportunity to influence those in our field for the Kingdom of God.


Vanu Kantayya


Vanu first sensed a call to teach the Bible while serving with her husband through SIM in Egbe Hospital, Nigeria between 2000 and 2003. Shortly after returning to the USA she joined Northern Seminary in the Chicago area and graduated with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry in June of 2012.


She spent 5 weeks in Israel with Jerusalem University College post graduation and this training significantly impacted her passion to teach others using the geography of the Land and first century culture as a backdrop. She also had the opportunity to travel through Greece and Turkey studying the journeys of the apostle Paul and the churches mentioned in the book of Revelation.


She served on staff at Rock Church in Rockford, IL as a teaching pastor until the Summer of 2014. She was recruited by Crossroads Community Church, Nampa, Idaho where she served from November 2014 till June 2016. In the Spring of 2016, she received a calling to plant a non-denominational church in East Boise, where she lives. Interestingly enough, her father was called to plant a church in Vellore, India 25 years ago. In March of 2017, Marketplace Church became a reality.


Vanu is married to Vivek, who is a family physician working for Terry Reilly Health Services in the valley. She has two grown daughters who live in Chicago, IL. Nithya is a third grade school teacher serving at Washington Park, a charter school on Chicago’s South side. Sanjana is an engagement specialist for Girl Forward, a not-for-profit organization serving adolescent refugee girls on the North side of Chicago.


Her interests include traveling and enjoying cultures (through their food!) around the world, drinking really good espressos, eating yummy dark chocolates and watching the cooking channel. She only watches romantic comedies and enjoys the beauty and the climate of the Treasure Valley. She also looks forward to traveling regularly to visit her parents and her brother’s family in India.

Dr Vake Kantayya


Vake Kantayya is a family physician and works as a medical director for Terry Reilly Health Services. He served as an elder at Rock Church in Illinois for a number of years and continues to serve in this capacity at Marketplace Church as well as being the secretary on the church board. He helps Pastor Vanu in various other ways as needed during the service. His passion is to reach others for Christ, both in Boise and around the world through missions.